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The Service Dog Vests and capes are made with very fine quality! The fit is great, a little stiff at first, but that is no problem since he wears it everyday for many hours the stiffness goes away quickly. My Service Dog first had a Cape, as he was in training, and now he has the Service Dog Vest and is getting used to the longer fit. People can now read it clearly since the Vest is longer on his back. We also carry with us his State issued Service Dog tag, which you cannot buy, it has to be issued by the State you live in. The "REAL" Service Dog, has a Service Dog Trainer who fills out the State a Forms to verify that you are disabled, and the jobs the Service Dog performing for you, plus letters from your Doctors. It is a very long process and is on going as there are other more minor jobs he does. This company, is very good at RUSH orders too. In January, my Mother died, and I had to fly to another State on short notice. Needed a cape ASAP, for the airline plus lots of paperwork, this company came through for me at a very difficult time, and the customized cape was there at my door in under 48 hours! Great Service, and thank you for all your support!

Our Vests alert others not to approach your dog and give your dog space while training.

Put bluntly, there is now a major industry in abusing a law designed to help people so those who don't want to obey the rules don't have to. Our business on many occasions has had customers who have shown up with vests and cards bought on the internet, and expect to be allowed in areas that dogs normally would not be allowed. In fact, they dare us to exclude them so they can make a federal case over it. Their actions and dogs' actions (customers inability to control them, dogs are easily distracted, customers don't stay with the dog they supposedly need) clearly indicate the dog doesn't meet the requirements of a trained service animal under ADA.

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All Therapy Dog Vests · Therapy Dog In Training Vest · Service Dog Vests. 1. If you don't already know where to get a vest, then odds are you shouldn't be getting one anyway. There's a lot more to a service dog than the outfit it wears. It typically takes 18-24 months to fully train a service dog. While individuals are permitted to train their own service dog, that doesn't mean they are automatically capable. If you do not already have experience doing advanced training with working dogs, then you do not have sufficient experience to train a service dog on your own. You need to hire a pro, and that pro can direct you to dog supply resources. If you are determined to fake, then you can find fake vests in dozens of places on the internet with a very basic search and don't need to be asking us.

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If a store is not selling open food items I have no problem with people shopping with their dogs as long as they are well-behaved. Many cities have a relaxed attitude toward this practice like Boston, NYC, and LA. More access is a good thing. But people lying and dressing their dogs up in vests to gain special access is just plain wrong. Be careful though, some disabilities are psychological, or related to epilepsy, so don’t be too quick to judge. And if you are injured or recovering in a hospital and are visited by a therapy dog, remember that his owner put in many hours to train him, including public visits, so that he could be well-behaved when visiting you!

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