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Because temperatures both indoors and out vary so differently you will want several degrees of warmth and coverage for your small dog. Some days it may need a sweater inside the house, other days it may need a t-shirt. Think of your small dog like a baby and think about how the temperature feels to it. Layering is not the best choice to keep a tiny dog warm; instead a variety of clothing will serve the purpose of keeping the dog warm whether it is a brisk fall day or a freezing winter day.

Dog Harness Dress TuTu Custom Dog Clothes Chihuahua Poodle Yorkie All Tiny Dogs. $32.00, via Etsy.

And don't forget your dog lover friends and family. Dog clothes make great gifts and the products you buy out of department stores are really cheap dog clothes.

You can easily thrill your friend with quality and uniquely made outfits. Big dog clothes or tiny dog clothes you can make them all easily and inexpensively. Some simple rules for you to begin learning how to make dog clothes.

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Make a tiny dog's sweater from a sock if she/he is too small to wear store bought clothes. While tiny dogs like the Chihuahua, Maltese and Yorkie are the first dogs that spring to mind when you think of dog clothing, in fact it can be difficult to find clothing that is made for dogs this small. Often times you have to buy puppy clothes instead of tiny dog clothes and there are differences. For example a Labrador puppy may be about the same size as a Chihuahua for a few weeks but his legs are going to be thicker and differently shaped. This means that while a puppy sweater may fit a Chihuahua it is going to be baggy around the legs.

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The most popular tiny dog clothes are themed outfits. Many small dog owners simply cannot avoid having a drawer full of holiday wool for their pups.

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Okay, for all of you that have boy dogs, this piece of is a must. From what we’ve heard from our customers, it’s quite hard to find little dog clothes for boy dogs. Well look no further because we have the perfect garment for you and your little baby. This Green Camo Dog Hoodie Sweatshirt will bring out the macho-ness in your little guy. This Green Camo Dog Sweatshirt features ribbed sleeves and waist for a snug fit, and poly-blend cotton for comfort. Furthermore, you can toss this in the washing machine whenever it needs a cleaning. This particular hoodie comes in many different sizes, but our XS size will fit tiny dogs weighing between 3-5 pounds.Inspired by the Bud Light Real Men of Genius commercial, “Mr. Tiny Dog Clothing Manufacturer”, following is a collection of one-of-a-kind pet clothes and unique links for over-the-top animal lovers.