0 beers on tap at Top Dog in Cherry Hill, NJ

So, what led to 4 stabbed at Top Dog in Cherry Hill, NJ? Even though I haven't been to that club in quite some time, I certainly have some ideas of what went wrong based on what little I know with regard to security, and geography. You see, not only have I served a combat tour in Afghanistan, I also have been a security supervisor at two Casinos (Taj Mahal and Pool) and 3 night clubs while paying my way through college.

The melee broke out just after 2 a.m. Sunday morning on the dance floor at Top Dog on W Marlton Pike in Cherry Hill, N.J.

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Rumbero Entertainment bringing to you The second-largest city in Camden County, Cherry Hill definitely has lots to offer to its residents. Cherry Hill is the perfect place to live and raise your family. This township is one of the fastest growing areas in the county with several new developments in residential communities, as well as remarkable growth in commercial areas. The township was even named as one of the 'Best Places to Live' in the United States by the prestigious Money Magazine.

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Cherry Hill has also got your shopping needs covered. The best place to visit is the Cherry Hill Mall, the principal shopping center in the Philadelphia metropolitan area and one of the major shopping destinations of locals and residents of nearby neighborhoods in southern New Jersey. Here, you can find well-known shopping stores like JCPenny and Macy's, and restaurants like Maggiano's Little Italy. If you're looking for more retail stores and restaurants, check out Towne Place at Garden State Park, where you can visit Barnes & Noble, Brio, J. Jill and many more. There are also various bar and grill spots in Cherry Hill. Bring family and friends to have top dining experience at Top Dog or Bahama Breeze, where you can enjoy good food and drinks, plus live entertainment.

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The very first ZuMBA in the CLUB at ToP DOG in Cherry Hill NJ 3.25.12

A new Low in HORRIBLE has been achieved at the new Top Dog in Cherry Hill, NJ (formally Taylors). Where to start, it is so bad!!!! They just reopened in April 2010 as Top Dog - Same Owner as Taylors.
The $1.49 1/2 pound cheeseburger is only a 1/2 pound if your foot is on the scale. It was ordered cooked medium. It was charcoal burnt well done.
The steak sandwich is a 5 inch doughy roll with 4 pieces of shoe leather meat (1/2"x1/2"x3"), some onion, and maybe a half piece of cheese for $2.99. Real Crap.
The diet pepsi were essentially carbonated brown water - very little cola syrup for $2.50 each and NO FREE refills.
The cheese fries - where is the cheese.
We asked for a glass of water and was told they only SELL bottled water - so no glass of water is available.
If you want garbage to eat, then this place is your place.
BTW, the food is self service and cash only. You have to go to counter to place order, pick up your own food and bus your table.
I am going to Chammps in Marlton where you get great food and service and a free glass of water.

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