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1. Show Your Dog the Behavior You Want, Before Using the Shock Collar
Imagine, you are your dog for a moment. You have a problem behavior, but you don’t know it is a problem behavior. Or it could be that your owner wants you to learn a new behavior, but you have no idea what it is. A dog shock collar can’t be used to just simply “teach” your dog the new behavior you want just at the click of the button. You need to actively work with your dog (even using treats) at first, and associate certain words to the behavior you want. A great example we have is our office dog, Thor. Thor has a water toy, the , which for the record is an absolutely awesome toy. We can’t recommend this toy more.

Shock collars with a remote control for small dogs and toy breeds are great training tools.

2. Use Multiple Methods in Addition to A Shock Collar
If we go back to Thor’s training to carry his toy to pond in the park, we are using multiple training methods simultaneously in place of soley using a dog shock collar. In Thor’s case, he is inherently getting a reward when he hears the word “Wubba.” When he hears the word Wubba it means he is getting to go to the pond and go swim. Trust us — this is like Christmas for Labradors.

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Toy Dog Shock Collars Noten Animals regarding Shock Collar For Large Dogs For the longest time I have been opposed to shock collars. I have never worked with a dog that after obedience training and just normal maturing that most behaviors went away. Our newest addition we have had for two years, gone through training and everything with still insists on running away. She typically goes to one of two places. One of which leads her towards a very busy road. After talking with my trainer she said what is more humane a dog hit by a car or a zapped dog? I have not used the collar yet and after 8 months of continually taking my dog out on a leash on our 3 acre property, I let her play in the snow yesterday. She after 8 months ran towards the fence, hopped over it and as I called for her and did all the positive reinforcement I could squeaking toys, telling her she could have treats she wouldn’t even look at me as she ran, sniffed and ignored me. In the yard on a 30ft line she listens, and comes to me without a tug on the rope. Loose she takes off! Hoping she can join my other border collie in trail riding eventually however I just can’t trust her to be wise enough to stay out of the road and listen to me when it is most important.

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Nuisance barking is a common issue across many breeds. Bark control devices automatically detect and correct a dog's problem barking using static shock, a spray of air, vibration, or ultrasonic noise. As with dog fence systems, finding a bark control collar suitable for the smallest dogs can be a challenge. The collar needs to fit properly and be comfortable for your dog for it to be successful in curbing the barking behavior. There are a variety of bark control products, from collars to stand-alone units, that are suitable for very small dogs. The type of anti-bark product you choose should depend on your dog's personality as much as his or her size. Here you'll find all of the bark control products that a size-appropriate for your toy breed.

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