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Before you adopt your Greyhound, you might want to purchase a stuff toy that looks like a dog and teach your child how to "pet." You can also buy a dog bed beforehand and teach your child that dog beds are off limits at all times. Never let your child sleep with a Greyhound - especially until you know your Greyhound. The Greyhound may regard the child as a "littermate" and treat him like one.

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Your greyhound may have eaten bananas, apricots, pumpkin, applesauce, spinach, and even vanilla ice cream as a racer. Marshmallows were often given after a race. When selecting snacks for your pet, choose good quality basics such as Milkbones and natural biscuits. Avoid treats that contain lots of dye and sugar. Rawhide bones (American only), Nylabones, other toys, and stuffed animals are all treats your greyhound should have. Avoid bones that are sold in open boxes. When buying animal bones, always buy bones that are sold in a wrapping so that you will know where they are from. Don’t buy the cheaper bones like ham bones that can be chewed up easily. Buy only beef bones that do not shatter or create slivers. You should be perfect about one thing though — CHOCOLATE CAN BE DANGEROUS. Reactions vary from dog to dog, but none are good. Chocolate contains ingredients that can speed up your dog’s heart rate and can cause allergic reactions. Grapes have also been found to cause kidney failure in dogs when large amounts are eaten so keep the grapes in your fruit bowl in the fridge. One grape once in awhile as a treat will thrill your greyhound. In fact, no matter what you use as a treat, keep it to a minimum and use it for positive re-enforcement. Your greyhound will respond accordingly.

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italian greyhound | Italian Greyhound Puppy Pictures Information | Toy Dog Puppy Pictures Despite the greyhound’s reputation for athleticism, buying toys that would seemingly tap into that athletic streak would be a waste of money. Avoid things like Frisbees or anything related to competitive dog sports. Your pooch won’t want to give them the time of day.

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The reason for this is because these toys don’t play into their instincts as well as you may think. Unlike or working class dogs that treat athletic games as a job to do, a greyhound does not have the drive to carry out such tasks embedded into their bloodline.

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Do you know what your Greyhound's favorite dog toy is? Large sized breeds like the Greyhound need large sized toys to accommodate their size. Big paws and mouths! We recommend you view our selection of suitable toys below which varies from to satisfy their urge to sink their teeth into a chew toy to since all dogs sometimes like to just find a sunny spot and just chew or squeak one of their toys. So let's get into it!Dog toys that are good for exercising your Greyhound are balls, Frisbees and other throw toys. However some Greyhounds show no interest in these, you may try rolling them if not. All Greyhounds enjoy chasing after the pole-lure: see the pole-lure article under health articles.Another type of dog toy that Greyhounds love are squeaky toys, make sure that the squeaker is secure as well. Fleece Chewmen, Booda Bones and knotted rope (never the nylon kind) are also popular and safe dog toys.Just about any toy loves a soft squeaky toy, but very few of them can withstand the determination of a large breed dog who wants to get to the heart of the toy – the squeaker. Many pet owners can attest to the fact that they have bought more of these toys than they can count, only to have them ripped to shreds in a matter of hours. One toy known for withstanding the Greyhound’s strength is , a bright fuzzy ball with eyes that squeaks and was designed to be extra tough.