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Puzzle toys keep dogs busy for hours. All you need to do is fill the toy with treats and watch as your dog works to get the treats. This is not only a great way to amuse your dog, but it will also keep his mind sharp. For even more hours of fun, make sure he has several puzzle toys to choose from. When you give him a different puzzle toy to play with each day, he's less likely to learn the secrets too quickly.

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Keeping your pooch busy and mentally stimulated is crucial to their happiness (and your sanity). Some pups like toys – as long as they’re chasing a tennis ball around the house, they’re satisfied. My dogs, on the other hand, have a penchant for all things chewable. If your dog is anything like mine, they’ll probably jump for joy if you hand them one of these:

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The 6 Best Toys to Keep Your Dog Really Busy -- Bob-A-Lot toy better for puppy stage, but is still fun for adults dogs. Dogs need things to do. They crave things to do. If you have a dog that has a bad habit of chewing things they shouldn’t chew, they may need a hobby. One way to deal with a hyperactive dog is taking them on a nice long walk each day to help them use up their energy. Another way is to get them a toy, or two, that makes them think. Interactive toys like puzzles that force them to move things to find treats are great for keeping any dog busy.

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This turned out to be no easy feat

When you have had a rough and tiresome day, one of the last things you want to come home to are chewed shoes and furniture. Not to mention the mess in each room made by your dog. Bored dogs can create a mess, but you can prevent it by giving them dog toys that can keep them busy all day long.There are plenty of reasons it is important to keep your dog busy and entertained (which is probably why you’re looking for the best interactive dog toys). For starters, when your dog is entertained, it keeps him or her from getting into trouble! It has only been recently that dogs have had relatively relaxed lives.Although there are facilities nowadays that cater to your pets while you are at work, school or other activities, the comfort of knowing they are home is still best. So instead to seeing disaster every time you come home, why not keep your hairy friends busy with toys? Yes, dog toys! Just like kids, dogs are easily attracted to toys and can go for hours playing with one, as long as it does not get tired of the toy. Busy Buddy toys are durable, fun, and yes part of behavior training too. Keeping dogs preoccupied helps prevent bad behaviors such as chewing on furniture or digging through trash. PetSafe Busy Buddy treat dispensing toys are designed based on animals' natural process for acquiring food (tracking, digging, tearing, etc.). They challenge pups and make them problem solvers to get their rewards.

In the wild, dogs get to eat what they catch. In your home, your dog can't eat his traditional stuffed toy. By combining treats with a more interactive kind of toy, your dog gets the same satisfaction he would get by catching his own prey in the wild. Some dogs have different preferences for how they would hunt in the wild, and also for how they play with their toys. There's a Busy Buddy toy for every personality and play style!

Busy Buddy toys are tested to the same standard as children's toys. They're made of thick, durable rubber and designed for the unique needs of every dog.