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In short, most good quality, rated best dog GPS collars and trackers are extremely effective. Further research (, , , and ) into animal GPS systems, including dog GPS collars, has shown immense promise for how effective these devices can be for both professionals and casual dog owners.

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One problem with a radio tracking collar is that it never tells you exact distance, so you have to do some guess work and test your system. Tracking collars give very limited information on distance. With a tracking collar it's more about direction than distance. You can estimate the distance based on the amount of gain (signal strength) that is required to get the signal from the tracking collar, but this can change based on the terrain that is between you and the dog.

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Dog Tracking collars and receivers are core equipment for locating your dogs in the field Over the years, we’ve gradually focused more on the products we’re passionate about. These include the versatile and powerful , , and systems, all proven performers that will make it easier and more enjoyable for you to train and manage your working hounds and domestic dogs. uses state-of-the-art GPS technology to track up to 10 of your dogs on a full-color 2.6” display with enhanced maps, a 9-mile range. is a track-and-train system that expands on those capabilities by incorporating proven Tri-Tronics dog training technology to monitor up to 20 dogs, and control them with tone, pulse, and customizable electric stimulation. And the two are the latest impressive addition to Garmin’s canine arsenal—they are dedicated trainers that offer incredible value at excellent prices, for both hunters in the field and dog owners at home.

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I think that a lot of folks are going to find that they like having both GPS tracking and a dog training collar in a single handheld remote. It's pretty neat to be able to watch the dogs on the screen and make corrections from the same handheld. When you're working your dogs and making corrections quickly, there's no going back and forth between a GPS and an e-collar transmitter.

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