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Dog Agility Equipment supports competitive sports designed to enhance the bond between owner and dog. Competitive agility events offer many benefits to dogs, We offer various obstacles that feed the dog's natural drive, provide exercise and enhance a dog's attention. Equipment for agility training includes weave poles, obedience jumps, tunnels and dog walks. J and J Dog has supported the dog agility training market and shows for decades and is proud that many competitions feature our dog agility equipment.

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Training equipment can be very important for dog training purposes. Dogs respond well to these types of things when they are implemented correctly, so be sure to take your time to learn to use each one properly. Here is a brief overview of several types of equipment you may encounter in your journey towards making your dog mind.

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Would you train for a marathon without running shoes? Or study for a spelling bee without a dictionary? Well then, you certainly can't ask Spot to be ready for an agility trial unless he's already familiar with the equipment. Likewise, if the equipment that you're using to train doesn't meet Dog Agility Standards, you will be sabotaging your dog's performance under the lights. Specialized retailers sell, and specialized trainers use, standard agility equipment. You may also build your own, as long as you're certain that it conforms with the Agility Standards put forth by the Agility Association with which you'll be competing.

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Dogs can begin training for agility at any age; however, care is taken when training dogs under a year old so as to not harm their developing joints. Dogs generally start training on simplified, smaller, or lowered (in height) agility equipment and training aids (such as ladders and wobbling boards to train careful footing); however, even quickly learning puppies must be finished growing before training on equipment at standard height to prevent injury.

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Building your dog's muscles and using weights to burn your dog's energy is a great way to get them ready for specific training. We have a vast inventory of dog training equipment to choose from, including a muscle building ball, weight vest and bike attachments to name a few pieces. No matter what type of training you have in mind, our equipment can help your dog reach their full potential.

Browse our site for more information on all of training equipment, agility gear, and muscle building accessories. If you have any questions contact us today for further details and answers!Search and rescue dogs give everything they have to keep us safe and protect their human friends from harm. Why not keep them safe, and give them everything they need to do their jobs safely? We can provide the training equipment and supplies your working dog needs to keep doing what he or she does best.

The search and rescue gear and the training supplies we carry for working dogs are as widely varied as the dogs themselves and the jobs they perform. For example, we have mitts and booties to keep paws safe and cooling and heating coats to keep dogs from overheating or getting too cold. We offer a wide variety of leashes, harnesses, and safety vests to help you guide your working dog and let other people know that your dog is on duty.

We understand how hard dogs work to help people, so the gear and training supplies we provide is always of the highest quality possible.

Browse our entire selection of rescue gear below and remember to contact the Active Dogs team if you would like more information about our products