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There are dogs and there are DOGS. Large dogs are DOGS; they are the second largest after the X-large dogs. If your dog is between 50 and 100 lbs, it falls under the category of large dogs. Large dogs need big dog things. If your pet is large, you will find all of our large dog appropriate products in this category. Here, you can browse electric dog fences, bark control collars, remote training collars, and dog doors specifically designed for large dogs.

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Large and giant dog breed owners need to remember that despite the size difference their tone and body language can trump a Great Dane's imposing stature. Maintain eye contact and be firm in your commands with a giant dog breed in order to earn his respect. As with any dog breed the gentle giants want affection as well and using a consistent system of rewards for good behavior and punishments for bad behavior will train these dogs to act according to your rules. It's rarely necessary to hit a dog and think twice before disciplining a large dog breed with a hand as the response can be more than you bargained for. A strong voice and stern stance can usually put any large dog breed in his place. Large dog breeds will obey an owner if they respect him. Make him respect you by diminishing his size through your control.

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With remote trainers for dogs, you can teach your X-large dog basic obedience commands, and train her to do almost anything. Do you want to solve your dog’s behavior problems and reinforce the behaviors you want from your dog? Consider investing in a remote trainer for X-large dogs.

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We understand that picking the right remote trainers for large dogs can be a daunting task. We make your shopping stress free by listing containment, training, and care products based on the size of dog they are suitable for. Here you’ll find products we trust and recommend for extra large dogs.

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If you are one who thinks anything under 50 pounds is not really a dog, you are likely to choose one of the larger dogbreeds for a pet. The beautiful eyes of a retriever, the alert stance of a German Shepherd and the massive size of a Rottweiler appealto large numbers of pet owners. What is often forgotten in the excitement of choosing a puppy is the reality that for large breed dogs,training is not optional.Training a large breed dog is often easier than teaching an often more hyperactive small dog, especially if you have chosenone from the working breeds. At no time should physical punishment be required in training, no matter what size animal you are workingwith. For large breed dogs, gentle consistent training sessions are simply finding ways to let your pet know what you want and expect fromhim. He wants to please you - it's up to you to each him how to do that.If you are new to pet ownership or have not previously spent much time around large dogs, a female animal might be the bestchoice for you. As a general rule, the females are more docile and gentle - and less likely to cause serious problems if not properlytrained. The point of teaching basic commands is to keep control over your pet and with a large breed this is crucial. A dog thatattacks smaller dogs or jumps on children is not going to endear you to your neighbors and visitors and could land you in court. Powerful enough to get the attention of your large dog, training collars are also gentle and will not harm your companion pet, service or hunting dog. They are an effective way to train your dog because they provide the canine with instantaneous feedback, which is why professional trainers and hunting experts rely upon them for all of their dog training needs. We have the very best in large dog collars to match your big dog’s temperament and your specific training needs.