Whipworms in Dogs: Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Whipworm is extremely difficult to eliminate from infected soil. Dogs that have access to these areas often reinfect continuously. A specific treatment protocol is usually required for these dogs.

dogs were referred to a local veterinarian for treatment of canine whipworm.

Whipworms are easy to treat, but the frustrating thing is that the eggs can live up to 5 years in your yard, even when your dog is free of whipworms. This means he can easily become reinfected again. Treatment for whipworms in dogs is a tedious task, and requires lots of cleaning and patience.

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Whipworms can infect both dogs and cats. Learn about the transmission, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of whipworms in dogs and cats. Effective medications are available, but once whipworms are in the environment, infestations can be hard to contain since dogs are often re-infected from ​the egg-contaminated soil. Treatment for three months or longer may be necessary to totally eliminate the infestation.

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The dog whipworm () is a species of worm parasite (nematode) whose adultstage infests the large intestine (colon, rectum) of dogs and, rarely, cats. Dog whipworm is not generally considered to be of high importance to human health (it is rarely infective to people), however, there are casesin the medical literature whereby humans have become infested with resultingin disease symptoms.

Low burdens of dog whipworms generally produce little to no symptoms of disease in their host. The dog owner can often be completely unaware that their animal even carries the parasite. In large numbers, however, canine whipworms can produce severe disease symptoms including: abdominal pain, diarrhea, blood in the droppings, apparent 'straining to defecate' and, on rare occasions, a potentially life-threatening imbalance of the potassium and sodium salts in the body, termed "Pseudo-Addisons disease".

This dog whipworm page contains detailed, but simple-to-understand information on thecanine whipworm parasite: . The page contains photos of dog whipworms as well asa dog whipworm life cycle diagram for ease of understanding. Explanation of the dog whipworm life cycle is included, along with information on symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of whipwormin dog populations.

5) Treatment and prevention of whipworm infestations in definitive host dogs.

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