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My dogs love the Tripe Nub o Nubs freeze dried treats. I don't have to worry about artificial colors or ingredients so they are perfect for my immune compromised dachshund and also for the one that has severe allergies.

my dog loved the nubonubs green tripe treats! they were great and they all got ate up.

The Tripe is usually good but this batch smelled rancid and really not so good. I had to toss it out but I have been passing out samples of Dinovite to friends and family to try on their dogs.
My boy had gooey sores after flea treatment so we stopped that and went to Dinovite and he has the best coat ever. Always complimented on his fur at the softness. I was also able to put an emergency flea treatment on him as we are not at our home right now and the home we are has fleas out in the fields around the house an the house has to stay warm so the fleas were thriving but since Guinness is on Dinovite it helps so he can have the flea treatment without breaking out. But really something went wrong with that last batch of tripe. yuck.
thank you though for Dinovite.

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We have tried many different treats, but this is the one that our dogs prefer by far. Even other brands or kinds of tripe cannot compare. are dehydrated dog treats made from . Green Beef Tripe contains all the essential fatty acids and juices within a cow’s stomach and is one of the healthiest ingredients available to dogs. These treats are an amazing cleaner for teeth and great for overall skin and coat condition. You’ll probably want to give this to your dog outside because they do have a slight odor. PetKind Tripe Treats are intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. These treats come in a 5 oz. re-sealable bag, which contains approximately 10 chews.

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Why Green Beef Tripe is Good for Dogs. Have you heard of green beef tripe and were curious about what it is, the benefits, and if it's right for your dog? Here's a post sharing what I've learned and one thing is that it's not just for raw fed dogs. Today, we can now buy fresh green tripe, green tripe treats, canned green tripe, and green tripe dry food (PetKind).

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Your pup instinctually craves pure raw protein like they would choose in nature. Bring home the best “prey” for your pet with Beef Tripe Freeze-Dried Dog Treats by Vital Essentials. These amazing little green beef tripe bites make a great snack, and they're packed with protein, probiotics, and digestive enzymes. Their small size makes them fabulous high-reward, guilt-free training treats.It’s exactly the first thing on the menu if your pup were to take down an animal in the wild, and is representative of the ancestral diet of your pet. Of course, raw tripe can have quite the potent aroma. Not to worry; the freeze-dry method is the easiest, least messy and least odiferous method to give this tasty treat to your dog.Would you describe your pooch as “non-food-motivated?” Do you have a dog who doesn’t find any treat worthy of a sit/stay? Not anymore, you don’t. Most dogs find themselves at a whole new level of focus when the tripe comes out, with stars in their eyes and a song in their hearts.Although there are many pre-made dog training treats and tripe dog treats on the market to chose from, we think these tripe pom poms are well worth the temporary unpleasant smell to a human for the limitless appreciation from our four legged friends.