There are two general types of crates for dogs:

I've seen instances where people keep two dogs in the same crate and it's totally fine, but I've also heard horror stories. Someone with more experience will probably have more to say.

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The Life Stages Single Door Folding Dog Crate is the biggest seller and most people are happy with this configuration. It has a door on one end, and when we say "end" we mean the shorter of the vertical sides. So, as you look at the end of the crate with the door, it is hinged on the left and opens outwards. The primary advantage of this crate is that it is a little less expensive than a two door model. Tell me more about: .

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The SL54DD Crate is a two door drop pin crate suitable for Great Danes and other dogs 110lbs+. Some people put their crate in the family room every morning, then carry it to the bedroom at night. Other people just leave it in the bedroom, only crating the dog when they go out or at night when they all go to bed. Some people have two crates: one in the bedroom and one in the family room. However you choose to configure your situation, remember your dog should sleep in the same room you do. This allows the dog to develop a sense of trust and security.

Durable two door crate for medium sized dogs up to 60 lbs.

Life stages Ultima three door dog crates are versatile, and come with two end doors, and a side door. They are heavy duty, resist active dogs, and are ideal for any pet owner. If you want the single or two door model dog crate, choose , or .

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A crate series will vary in size depending on model. For example, the Life Stages crates come in 6 sizes, suitable for dogs from 2 - 110lbs, and in two door configurations: single and double door.
: What is the difference between these two soft crates?
: Wireless, electric and underground dog fences and receiver collars by PetSafe and Innotek.
: Safe, secure outdoor containment.
: Removable doors? What's that about?
: What is the difference between these two dog crate models?
: Yes, really! These are extra sturdy folding crates made in Indiana.
: So ... what's the difference?
: At last a giant dog crate with a side door!This question gets asked a lot, and the specific question and answer is below. The short answer is that you can put two dogs in one crate, but with extreme caution, and we do not recommend it in most cases.One feature of triple-door crates is that they can be a home for two dogs. We do not normally recommend crating two dogs together in one crate, but with the Select crates, you can install the divider panel mid-way, dividing the crate in half. The two end doors can then be used for entry and exit, meaning one Select crate may be able to do the job of two smaller-size regular crates.Whether you want to step up to a 42" crate really depends on your preference. For ease of use, the two door versions are normally better. The side door allows the dogs to enter the crate and turn to the left and right.