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Because the ultrasonic bark collar is only affecting your dog’s ears, it is usually suitable for almost any dog. However, although clearly evident, it is important to stress out the fact that this device does not have the same effects on an older dog that might have lost his hearing ability and on deaf dogs in general. Also, if you want a collar that is sensitive to the body vibrations, you have to make sure that the electronic device has direct contact with the skin of the dog. So, if your furry companion is long-haired you should pay more attention to the neck area.

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Because this system is designed to respond to your dog's bark, it is possible for the tags to cause unintended activation, especially if they are near the collar's microphone. Depending on when and where you use this device, it may be best to remove his tags temporarily. We also have ultrasonic indoor and outdoor products available if they may be a better suit for your needs.

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This is the patented collar that uses ultrasonic sound to humanely restore peace and quiet for those vexed by a dog's nuisance barking. Hi Sara. Great question! With the Ultrasonic Bark there would not be a correction, but there would be an ultrasonic tone emitted. If your dog is wearing the collar it will detect her barking, but if it is an outdoor or indoor unit it could detect any dog’s bark within range. Thank you so much for your comment.

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Hi Lorraine. Thank you for your question. Our Ultrasonic Bark Control Collar emits a high-pitched, ultrasonic noise that is audible to dogs. If you have any health concerns about your pet using a certain product, it may be best to contact your dog’s veterinary professional. Please let us know if you have any additional questions!

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Creates harsh buzz to stop barking. High and low modes (high for big dogs, low for small dogs). Dogs quickly learn that their barking causes this irritating sound and stop barking to stop the noise.

Ultrasonic: works by sending out an ultrasonic signal that only dogs can hear when activated by the barking. The ultrasonic sound is 100% harmless. Adjustable stretch collar to fit different sizes. Trigger accurately by bark vibration (can not activate by other dogs barking).On the other hand, the ultrasonic collars that only need the barking sound to emit the ultrasonic tune might also catch another dog’s barking, thus punishing yours for no reason. This is why you should always ask for one that can also detect the body vibrations produced by the barking. Another disadvantage would be the fact that the sound emitted by the device will be heard by all the other dogs from the area and it will produce the same discomfort to all of them. And, connected to this point, the fact that people cannot hear the sound may also be a minus because they won’t be able to tell all the time if the device is working and simply ignored by the dog, or if a certain malfunction intervened.