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Before you start for your first show there are certain pieces of equipment you will need. One is a strong collar that fits your dog well; either round leather, flat leather, or a chain. Another item you will need, if the show is benched, is a bench chain. A bench chain is just what its name implies - used to chain a dog to the bench, snapping onto the ring in the collar and to the ring provided for that purpose on the bench. When fastening the dog to the bench, be sure to leave enough chain so that the dog can lie down but not so much as to allow him to jump off the bench, as he could possibly hang himself that way.

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At those early years, dog shows used to be held at the Floriana Scout's quarters at Floriana. The club didn't have any show equipment at all. Ropes used to be tied between vehicles to form a ring, and local judges used to officiate at these early shows. The Malta Kennel Club used to send "observers" to see which of its members took part at the Hamrun Kennel Club's shows, and sometimes strong arguments took place between the Malta Kennel Club's observers and the Hamrun Kennel Club's officials. Some members were suspended for taking part at the Hamrun Kennel Club's shows, some members were mysteriously "lucky" enough to avoid suspension, and the number of participants was always increasing. New members started involving themselves in the running of this club, with a less militant attitude towards the Malta Kennel Club and more concern for the quality of the dog shows themselves, although rivalry between the two clubs was still evident.

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Midwest Used Agility, Obedience, And Dog Show Equipment has 741 members Leather is one of the most popular materials for show equipment. Many handlers prefer it because it is more comfortable for the dog and easier on the hands. Prices vary widely, depending on quality and whether the lead is solid or braided. Leather leads can be purchased very reasonably, however, one must take into account that less expensive leads may also be of poorer quality. Poor quality leads may bleed, be stiffer to handle or not last as long. Braided leads are also very popular. Some are made of kangaroo, others of rawhide and still more of cowhide. Braided leads have the advantage of being round, which is a little easier to handle and has a lower profile, as well as being easier on the coats of long coated breeds. Depending on the type of leather used, braided leads may last for a lifetime, or wear out quickly.

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The dog equipment, which was used for a presentation at a Ralston Purina dog show, included folding-type kennels and other K9 paraphernalia. The police report did not have an estimated value for the equipment.

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