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Always be very careful when approaching places where the skin is loose as blades can pinch loose skin and injure your dog. Keeping the skin taut using your free hand is a good way to help you move the clippers along smoothly. After a few minutes of constant use, the clipper blades will get hot. Therefore, it is important to constantly check the blade temperature on your forearm to avoid irritating or burning your dog’s skin.

Here are some handy guidelines for safely using clippers on your dog’s coat:

When using clippers to groom a shaggy-haired dog, start from the back and clip with the growth of the hair. Smooth your dog's coat with the helpful advice from an expert groomer in this free video on how to use clippers when grooming a shaggy-haired dog.

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There are so many dog nail clippers on the market it can be very confusing to say the least. Before you get started cutting your dog’s hair there are a few things you should be aware of. First, always be sure to treat your dog with safety and make sure you plan how the hair will be cut before beginning. Prior to using the electric clippers your dog will need to begin with a clean coat that has been brushed out and free of tangles and , as doing so makes clipping the coat evenly more easy to do.

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One of the most common misconceptions about dog grooming is that using pet hair clippers on a canine is simple. A good pet groomer may make it look easy, but there is actually a lot you need to know about grooming your dog using dog hair clippers. For one thing, there are different styles of dog clipper blades to ensure a proper cut, and how you use them also depends on the breed of dog you have. #dogclippers #doghair #pets #dogs

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If you’re using clippers just to tidy up Fido’s feet or to neaten up stray hair, you’ll most likely need a set of inexpensive home clippers, Yet if you want to maintain a beautiful show coat (not only for shows but for a good dog coat) between trips to the groomer, a medium-priced clipper with a variety of blades will serve you well. Dogs that need a more professional trim and style, will benefit mostly from the professional-style clippers, that have more than one speed and several blades to choose from. Many of these clippers are available cordless, so you don’t need to have an outlet nearby.Your dog deserves to be comfortable. Choosing a clipper that you personally enjoy using will make it easier for both you and he (or she!) to look forward to regular fur maintenance.