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As for the top dogs, Clear Food recommends national brands Butterball, McCormick, Eckrich and Hebrew National. As for specialty picks, the study suggested Taverrite's pork sausages and vegetarian option Gardien.

The study also concludes that 10 percent of veggie dog brands tested contained meat.

This assumption might be deeply misguided by Clear Labs, a food analytics company, which studied the ingredients of various brands of hot dogs and came to some disturbing conclusions. "Of the 345 hot dogs and sausages Clear Food analyzed for this report, 14.4% were problematic in some way," the report reads. That includes finding meat in 10% of the hot dogs that were supposed to be vegetarian, but also finding pork in hot dogs that are supposed to be kosher.

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yuck...Genetic testing found meat and human DNA in many veggie dog brands. Whether you’re at a baseball game, a Fourth of July celebration, a barbecue, or a pool party, there’s no more quintessential summertime food than a hot dog. But , such as carcinogens, bugs, bone, pig anuses, and an endless amount of cruelty. For more delicious and compassionate options, we put together a list of the best veggie dogs in the U.S. Check these out, and get grilling!

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Some MLB stadiums took a few months to figure out how to best prepare veggie dogs, and this may very well be the case with Fenway. What many new vendors don’t realize is that veggie dogs are already pre-cooked when they receive them, so all they need to do is reheat them, not cook them as equivalents to their meat conterparts. Definitely offer your feedback directly to the Red Sox and tell them about your experience and about this possibility. Veggie dog brands do vary in taste and texture, but this is likely to be a situation related to preparation and not brand. By letting the concession company know about this possibility, you may be helping a lot of other fans who plan to eat veggie dogs there. You’ll also help the item to sell in a way that truly reflects demand. -Johanna, SoyHappy Founder/Director

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Each brand varies in price, size, taste, and texture, so if you are looking for a good veggie dog that suits your tastes it is worth experimenting a bit. This list will at least give you an idea of where to get started.I can't even remember the last time I had a beef hot dog — even when I was eating meat. But with veganism on the rise, it's no wonder companies are turning out creative meatless hot dog options. Now I can load up a vegan hot dog with all my favorite condiments and feel like I'm eating a real hot dog — minus the guilt! If you've or you'd just like a healthier alternative to regular hot dogs, here are some different brands to try out!When it comes to hot dogs, there is no reason that vegetarians should be left out of a cookout. These are just a few of the brands that make veggie dogs out there, but there are plenty more. You’ll have to taste around to see what your taste buds prefer, and don’t forget to come back and let us know what you think!Brats are basically hot dogs on delicious steroids—and that's true for the vegan versions, too. makes his vegan vital wheat gluten-based sausages with creamy cannellini beans, miso paste, liquid smoke, , beer, and a whole mess of spices for maximum meaty flavor.