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Protein is an extremely important part of your dog's food, so adding a secondary protein source is suggested. Protein keeps your dog's muscles healthy. A secondary protein source can be a non-meat-based source like plain low-fat Greek yogurt, low-fat cottage cheese or cooked eggs. All of these foods contain ample amounts of protein and other nutrients. Cook 8 to 10 eggs either alone or with the venison. You can scramble the eggs or chop up boiled eggs to add to the dog's food and mix well. Alternately, add two cups of low-fat plain Greek yogurt or cottage cheese and mix into the meat.

Natural Balance®L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets® Venison & Sweet Potato Canned Formula is a proven formula for dogs with allergies based on our unique blend of a premium protein and carbohydrate not commonly found in dog foods.

The days of only having a few options when it comes to feeding your dog are long gone! There are now several options available when it comes to finding the best dog food for your furry friend. You can choose a , commercialized dog food, and you can even choose to go with a venison dog food. Venison is becoming very popular among pet owners and with good reason. There are several benefits to feeding your dog a venison based dog food.

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Oct 10, 2013 - When it comes to purchasing venison based dog food, you will find several different options On April 27, 2007, Natural Balance issued a second recall for three canned dog food and one canned cat food. Like the first recall, the contaminants were in rice protein concentrates. As with the venison based formulas, rice protein concentrate was not on the list of ingredients of the four products. This time, Natural Balance claimed that their canned food manufacturer American Nutrition, Inc (ANI) added the rice protein concentrate without their knowledge or consent, calling it a "manufacturing deviation". In response, ANI issued a press release denying any deliberate or intentionally wrongful conduct, claiming that "customers specifically required rice-based formulations". Along with Natural Balance, other pet food organizations such as Blue Buffalo and Menu Foods were affected by the contaminated products and issued recalls.

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Once prepared, this food can be portioned into plastic freezer bags and either frozen or refrigerated until ready to use. If your dog prefers, you can heat the food slightly in the microwave before serving it. This food can be served in conjunction with kibble or alone. The amounts of food mentioned here will sustain an 80-pound dog for one day. According to Founders Veterinary Clinic, a dog will require a quarter pound of venison or other lean meat, three eggs or half a cup yogurt or cottage cheese, one cup of carbohydrate such as rice, potatoes or pasta and half a cup of vegetables per 20 pounds of weight. Adjust the recipe as needed based on your dog's weight and how much food you want to have on hand.

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