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Of its hiring process, Wag makes a decidedly dubious claim on its site that it only accepts 5% of applicants. However, in an article about a dog that was lost by a Wag walker and subsequently killed, Wag co-founder . So which dubious figure is it guys? In another article, Wag said that their goal in NYC was to be walking . That was back in 2015. If they met that goal, then let’s for the sake of argument presume that each walker walks 10 dogs per day (a very ambitious estimate given the statements that Wag walkers are making on Glassdoor, but we’ll get to that in a bit). That alone would require 1000 dog walkers. If Joshua Viner was serious about Wag accepting less than 1% of applicants, that would mean that they’d have to get through at least 100,000 dog walker applications in New York alone. Ha! Come on guys…..

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"It is so important for people to realize that a wagging tail does not equal a dog that is friendly or wants to be petted," says E'Lise Christensen Bell, veterinarian and board certified veterinary behaviorist at Veterinary Behavior Consultations of NYC. "It can, but you are much better off looking at the entire dog. If there are stiffened muscles, dilated pupils, tense facial muscles, or ears pinned forward or back, these are signs that you should back off."

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