Now you can dress up as the Wiggles best friend, Wags the Dog

It was another and beautiful day at the beach with Wags' first costume in this episode. Wags The Dog and Captain Feathersword are hanging out with each other over there. The sun was shining lovely and the waves at the beach are pretty big. Captain Feathersword told Wags that it's not safe to go swimming, but it was a lovely day in the sun, so he told Wags to sit back in his chair and have a little relax. Wags wanted to go for a swim, so he tried to get Captain Feathersword's attention to him by digging sand onto him and he told him to stop because he wanted a rest in the sun, so he had a rest in the sun with his eyes closed. Wags wanted to play a trick on him by tapping him on the shoulder one to another and did it crazy at the end of it. Captain Feathersword wanted to have a rest and he told him to have a lovely day at the beach, but he wasn't too happy about it. He knew that Wags wants to go for a swim, but he said that its too rough out there. He still wants to go for a swim, so Captain Feathersword said that he can but not too far out and he watched him from the shore. He ran to the water happily while barking and then he did a big splash as when he dived into the water and it splashed Captain Feathersword. He dried himself off but then it happened again and then he dried himself off again. Wags had finished hes swim and ran over to Captain Feathersword and throw the towel away and a twirly sound just played. He told Wags to go into a dressing shed and dry himself off, so he ran into a dressing shed to dry off and Captain Feathersword sat down. When he just sat down, Wags finished drying himself off and Captain Feathersword got shocked when he saw Wags. Wags turned into the costume that's in the rest of the series and he did model poses after that. And so he chuckled and told him that he had his swim and its time for him to have a little rest, no disturbances he said. Wags said yes in a bark way and he saw a huge wave coming in to the shore and he tried to warn the Captain that a huge wave is coming but he told him that he said no disturbances and having a little rest, Wags ran off and a huge wave came in and Captain Feathersword got alarmed and the wave splashed over him. Then he splutters after that and told Wags that why didn't he warned him that there was a huge wave coming. But Wags was trying to warn him. Another huge wave was coming in and warned Captain Feathersword again but he said that its a bit late now. He wasn't really listening to him and then Wags walked away and the huge wave alarmed Captain Feathersword again and it splashed over him, a hermit crab was in hes hand and he throw it gently back into the water. Another huge wave was coming again and Wags tried to warn him again but then he said oh well as he got used to it, and the wave splashed him.

The inside tag indicates that it is a “Beagle” costume, but it rather looks like Wags the dog from the Wiggles.

Every dog likes the treat part of Halloween and some wags like to dress-up and show-off their inner-woof. Our Ted loves putting on his Superdog costume and flying around greeting other trick or treaters, like a regular neighborhood kid. Thanks to our dog-centric community we have some pup-friendly events that are all about treating your dog. Make sure your best friend is comfortable sporting your creative costume get-up in public; the name of the game is tail-wagging fun.

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Professional Custom Wags The Dog Mascot Costumes Cartoon Adult Size Clothing Performance Animal Fanc... For those of you who believe the dogs do enjoy dressing up for Howl-Oh-Ween….fiiiiiiine. We’ll have a costume contest. We’ll have winners for Scariest costume, Best costume, Best Team costume (2 or more dogs), and Most Creative costume. You could win cool Diggity swag, Free Days at Diggity Dog Daycare, or other cool prizes. By the way, Wags & Whiskers has some doggie costumes there so you may like to that check out.

The Wiggles Wags the Dog Plush Toy

Product Description: Number of Tail Wags = Mass of treats X belly rubs ^2. The Al-Bark Einstein dog costume includes a coat with graphic on the back, dickey with attached tie and wig with elastic chin strap.

It lacks the letter W on the chest