Decomposed nuts from Black Walnut trees are toxic to dogs.

Black walnut can cause other problems, although these are reported much less frequently than the two described above. Some people and horses are especially sensitive to black walnut pollen and can suffer from allergic reactions when pollen is shed in the spring. Additionally, the husks surrounding fallen nuts can become toxic as they start to decay. Penicillium mold affects the decomposing husk and produces a neurotoxin called Penitrem A, which is toxic to livestock and can be fatal to dogs. People should also be wary; black walnuts are edible but can be contaminated with Penitrem A if they hulls have begun to decompose before the nuts are harvested.

Jan 21, 2011 - Moldy walnut are toxic to dogs, who seem to love to eat them anyway

To be absolutely safe,Dogs should not be given nuts to eat. Nuts that should be added to the list of foods toxic to dogsinclude: Almonds, Pistachios, Pecans,Walnuts and Hickory Nuts.

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Jul 4, 2008 - I've been told that walnuts, especially older moldy ones, are toxic for dogs Abundant in many cookies and candies, certain nuts should not be given to pets. One of the most common online searches for pet owners is "?" Some nuts, in fact, are dangerous to pets. Almonds, non-moldy walnuts and pistachios can cause an upset stomach or an obstruction of your dog's throat and/or intestinal tract; macadamia nuts and moldy walnuts can cause toxic poisonings. Moldy walnuts can contain toxic chemical products produced by fungi which cause seizures or neurological signs. Lethargy, vomiting and loss of muscle control are among the effects of nut ingestion. Learn more about .

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The philodendron comes in many different species and all are toxic to dogs. The compound found in this plant is calcium oxalate. If ingested by your dog the first symptoms will be a severe burning sensation to the mouth and gums. Excessive drooling and foaming at the mouth will follow. If left untreated, your dog's throat is likely to close off making it difficult to breath or swallow.

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In dogs and livestock, as the husks drop from the tree, a threat of these animals consuming the Black Walnut fruit could become lethal. These fallen, decomposing husks contain Penitrem A, a mycotoxin created by Penicillium Mold - a colonizing fungus that affects the fruit as it decomposes. Scary is that Penitrem A is a neurotoxin sending its toxicity to mammals through various stages: tremors, ataxia (dysfunction of nervous system leading to loss of coordination of muscle movements), and ending with little chance of recoveryThe walnuts of concern are those that fall from trees and remain on the ground during and after wet weather. As they sit there through the cool, wet winter season, a mold forms on them; and although they can turn a furry black color, they often appear completely normal. Once the mold has formed, they are very toxic to dogs, horses, and virtually any other mammal willing to chew on them.