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After you have finished washing your dog and are sure that you have rinsed it well, brace yourself and get ready for the big "shake." This is normal and WILL happen - believe me! Your dog's natural instinct is to shake and to get all the water off it's body, so you might want to close the shower door and let him shake a few times before you begin to towel dry him.

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Washing a dog can be easy if you follow these few basic pointers. Learn how to wash a dog with less mess and more success!

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It's probably perfectly safe to wash dogs with human shampoo.

I am allergic to one of my dogs and when I don’t wash her once a week I get wheezy and sneezy. * Smaller dogs can be bathed in the kind of rubber storage bin available at discount stores. Some folks with little dogs use two basins: one for bathing and the other for rinsing. Metal washtubs are available from agriculture supply merchants.

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I have a chow/pit mix, and he gets bathed once a week. My poor darling has extremely itchy/dry skin and begins flaking in certain hot spots within a few days of bathing. I use a very specific medicated wash for dogs with allergies and dry skin, then follow up with an aloe conditioner. He has one of the healthiest coats my vet has seen, minus the few spots that bother him.

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Wipe away any dirt or debris from your dog's face with a damp washcloth. Do not get shampoo into your dog's eyes, as it can cause severe irritation.Self-service dog wash. I wish every town had one of these for washing large, dirty, smelly dogs. It is like war when I have to bathe my dog at home. Give your dog a thorough pre-bath brush. Before heading to the dog wash, make sure your pup is totally brushed out and mat-free. Washing matted fur is counterproductive. Among other things, it’s almost impossible to dry it completely, which sets the stage for skin infections caused by bacteria and mold. Brush from your dog’s rear legs up, against the grain (the direction the hair grows) toward the body to the head. If you have a Pit Bull, this won’t take any time at all. If you have that Rough Collie (or Chow, Alaskan Malamute, Golden Retriever or Afghan) it will obviously take you longer, but you’ll save on tub time because it will be easier for the water to penetrate the coat. In any case, it makes sense to either brush out or cut off hair you don’t want to end up washing.Important Skunk Policy: Dogs and humans alike can be very sensitive to the odor of skunk. The compounds (thiols) that make up a skunks secretion can cause symptoms such as ocular swelling and redness, sneezing, vomiting and general discomfort. To ensure a pleasant and safe environment for all, our customers using the SSDW must treat their skunked pets prior to bringing them in for a bath. If you bring your pet into our facility and our staff determines the odor to be too strong, you may be asked to leave to re-wash your pet prior to coming back. We recommend using the following at-home skunk remedy or one of the products that we offer in store to treat your pet prior to bathing. It is always recommended that you treat your pet before bathing to help limit the amount of time the smell lingers on your pet.