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Great article. I’m one of those owners who just takes giving Water to your Dog for granted.
Why an oversized water bowl though? All my Dogs bowls are on the small side.
Might be time to get him a big one lol.

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Have you ever rubbed your fingers inside your dog’s water bowl and felt a slippery slime substance? If so, their bowl is way over-do for a cleaning. Before we talk about what that slime is and how is affects your dog’s health, let me ask you a quick question: Would you drink out of a used glass that hasn’t been washed for weeks? I hope you said no! Well, just like how you deserve to drink out of a clean glass, so does your dog. (No judgement here – there have been a few times where I’m guilty of refilling their bowl without giving it a good clean first. I have felt the slime before. But now that I know what is it, I’m extremely conscious about cleaning their bowls … hopefully you will be too!)

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Here are five best auto fill dog water bowl products that we'll discuss below: I was tired of having to fill up my dog’s water bowl ten thousand times a day, so I decided to make what I call the “Awesomest Coolest Easiest Water Bowl for Cats and Dogs.” This water bowl fills up by itself when it needs to, and all you need is wood, a two-liter bottle, velcro, and a thirsty pet.

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I once saw my dad do experiments with this “magic bottle.” He put water into it, turned it over a bowl, and when the bottle touched the surface of the water, the water stopped streaming and the bowl didn’t overflow. At the time I was amazed. Years later, I figured out how it works and thought it would be a good idea for the dog dish. When I first put it together, I was so proud of myself, until I heard a loud thump from the kitchen. When I investigated, my dog had a wild look on his face and the two-liter bottle was in his dish. I fixed this problem by not filling the bottle all the way and super-gluing the velcro to the wood. It has been many weeks since it fell, and I think that’s a good sign!

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