The novel Water Dog by Richard A

Water Dog: Revolutionary Rapid Training Method by Richard Wolters. $17.13. Publisher: Dutton Adult (September 24, 1964). 179 pages. Reading level: Ages 18 and up. Publication: September 24, 1964

Richard Wolters found the last two St. John's water dogs in Newfoundland. The breed was extinct by the early 1980's.

WaterDog - A concise training method made from the book by Richard A. Wolters. This video shows you step by step, the simple techniques used by many hunters to rapidly train their retrievers. Watch Charles T. Jurney turn a seven week old puppy into a finished retriever. 82 minute video

Wolters is a pretty good duck dog training book, in my opinion

Richard Wolters found the last two St. John's water dogs in Newfoundland. The breed was extinct by the early 1980's. You might look into a DVD called Sound Beginings, or Bill Hillman's puppy video (which is $$ so look for it used if you can), or perhaps the "wildrose way" is more you style with British styled training. I personally really like Lorie Jolly's book Motivational Training for Retrievers, but I also have Smart Works, and Bill Hillman's puppy DVD. I have read Lardy's book , but do not have it to review, and of course the oft disputed Water Dog by Richard Wolters. Despite what the retriever trainers will tell you, alot of people including myself in the past have trained successful working retrievers by his book. Not personally a fan of the DVD's though. Even the book is a bit over simplified.

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Books like Water Dog are old and outdated. While they allowed more people to train dogs better, much has changed in the retrieving world since they were written. By the way, Richard Wolters was a writer, not a dog trainer.

Richard Wolters - Water Dog - Retrievers Book. $18.95 (Save $4.00)

By . For over thirty years, Richard A Wolters' unrivaled expertise at training dogs has saved millions of owners manymonths of wasted time and labor. Now this updated edition offers an efficient system to train retrievers forhunting upland birds and waterfowl. With this concise new method, you can have a skilled hunting retriever by the time your dog is one year old.I love Dick Wolters! I’ve have read Water Dog and Game Dog and i’m currently using Water Dog as my training bible. after reading this review i play on reading Gun Dog because it’s a Richard A. Wolters book and because i believe quartering is a great tool that can be used by more than just upland game dogs! But, I have one question. Do he teach a force fetch in Gun dog?Richard Wolter's classic Water Dog is the first book written for the dog owner with limited time who wants to train a workingretriever fast and who wants to do it himself. WATER DOG offers step by step (with photos) and covers everything day one to the finished dog. Water Dog will show you not only what to expect of your dog but what your dogcan expect of you.Richard A. Wolters was a leader in applying the scientific discoveries of animal behaviorists to dog training. His books on training - Game Dog, Water Dog, Gun Dog, Family Dog, and Home Dog - are recognized as classics in their fields. His historical book, The Labrador Retriever: The History...The People, was chosen as Best Dog Book of the Year by the Dog Writers Association of America. In 1984 the DWAA honored Mr. Wolters as both Writer of the Year for Game Dog and Columnist of the Year for his popular column "Gun Dog" in Gun Dog magazine. Well-known for his lectures and seminars on retriever training, Mr. Wolters also was a president of the Westchester, New York, Retriever Club, as well as a vice president and director of the North American Hunting Retriever Association, which he was influential in founding. A veritable Renaissance man, Mr. Wolters worked as an atomic scientist, fine-arts teacher, photographer, and as picture editor at Sports Illustrated. His sporting interests included hunting, angling, bobsledding, ballooning, and soaring in sailplanes, in which he held the highest rating.