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Waterproof Soft Grip ScruffTag Dog Collars personalized for your pet. Odor & Water Resistant, comfortable and customized with built-in engraved ID tag.

#Purple - New color! Waterproof and Stink Resistant Dog Collar - for the active pooch!

collars and leashes are handmade in Canada from beta biothane, which is PVC-coated polyester webbing. That means they possess the look and feel of leather while being wonderfully washable, waterproof, and stain-, mold- and mildew-resistant. Dog Walkies collars and leashes are made in a variety of sizes and colors, from leather-looking brown and black to bright colors for easy visibility for your sporting pup. Check out the full collection (as well as nylon leashes, collars, and harnesses) at .

ScruffTag Personalized Nameplate Dog Collars - dogIDs

* 2 Water Resistant Stimulation Collars only included with 2 Dog Training System. Made with Soft Grip Material, this safety dog collar is ready for anything your pup can throw at it. This incredible material is waterproof, odor resistant, and very durable while being soft to the touch. Unlike leather, soft grip material is great in water because it is not absorbent. This material also resists odors because, unlike other materials, it does not hold onto smelly things such as skin oil. Along with being waterproof and odor resistant, these collars are made to be worn and stand up to the test.

Seresto - is water resistant to ensure continuous protection

These camouflage dog collars have a BioThane strap made in the USA of poly coated nylon webbing and is waterproof and odor resistant. The strap is perfect for any severe weather conditions and is guaranteed not to crack under extreme cold or heat. The hardware on these camouflage dog collars are 100% corrosion-proof.

Our Dry Collar™ sets the standard for hunting, field and water dogs

Our Waterproof Soft Grip ScruffTag Personalized Dog Collars are odor & water resistant and come customized with free laser engraving. Made in the USA!All collars have a band width of 1 inch except for the size small which is .75 inches. The Zeta Collars feature the softness and feel of leather, an embossed finish, the durability of nylon, flexibility in any temperature and superior color stability. You'll also find that they help identify dogs in the field, are water repellent, and easily cleaned. The Zeta collars are soil, odor and rot resistant. The dog collars come in an assortment of great colors.These leashes are made of a material called Biothane Beta®. It has been traditionally used in the equine marketplace as a substitute for leather because it is extremely strong, easy to clean, waterproof, and dirt resistant. Beta Biothane is a polyvinyl-coated polyester webbing that has the same qualities as regular Biothane but is softer and more flexible and has a more leather look and feel than regular Biothane. Biothane and Beta Biothane products look great and are super-strong. They are significantly easier to care for than leather. Leather can dry out and needs to be cleaned and oiled to remain soft, and resist cracking. Biothane materials keep their shape and flexibility even in subzero temperatures. With these qualities and the lower cost, Biothane or Beta Biothane is a great material for dog collars and leashes.We recently got a second dog — a Siberian Husky mix — and thought that would be the perfect occasion to grab a new collar for him and our older pit mix, too. We went with these Kurgo Granite collars, which are normal nylon collars coated end-to-end in clear PVC. This makes them totally waterproof and resistant to stains and dirt. They’ll even put up with more wear from chewing, too. The unique leash hook also serves as a bottle opener for those camping adventures. They’re on the stiff side because of the coating, so if you’re looking for maximum flexibility, you might consider others on this list. These collars will be best for staying clean longer.