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Boof! Boof! Mum says this might be pretty hard for her, as I chew any article of clothing off me. My epic chew was when I chewed my collar off. Heee—they never figured out how I did it!! She is going to try, but, I’m telling you now that it will probably be a “no can do.” Oh mum, she SO wants me to wear a costume!
Just remember, this American Weiner Dog thinks you are a hunk, Hunk, HUNK!
Smooch-a-licious, Smooch-a-luscious, Scintillating, & still Single:

Robin Hood Costume- Mila Miesner – Dachshund, doxie, wiener dog, weiner dog Model

What's that you say? You don't want to be just any old dog? You want to be a famous dog! Well, we've got plenty of those dogs hanging around here too! We've got costumes based on Jake the Dog, Clifford, Scooby Doo and even Odie from Garfield. Those are enough big named pooches to get any human barking like a mutt. Just make sure you actually put one of the dog costumes on before you start barking, otherwise you might look kind of weird.

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Dog HotDog Costume Weiner Dog Costume Small by poshpoochdesigns, $15.99 During Oktoberfest the Dachshund races are held every Sunday from 3pm-4pm starting . Don't miss our final day celebration on , when we hold our to celebrate Halloweiner. We'll be holding our Best Doggie and Kid Costume Contest on that day.


Typically I do not like when people dress up their animals, but when we get our weiner dog, he will be dressed up on Halloween, first costume ... a hot dog of course!

Dog HotDog Costume Weiner Dog Costume Small by ..