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love to get my 5$ coupon every month. i have 4 dogs & it is a good saving for me ,i get 2 bags for mo. at 26 lbs. thank you my dogs love this food & the are really healty. thank you wellness.

Each link opens a PDF for a Printable Wellness Pet Food Coupon for dogs & cats:

As you probably know by now, Wellness has changed the format they use for printing the monthly $1 Off and $3 Off Coupons for Dog and Cat food. Each Wellness email subscriber gets a unique link valid for printing one coupon only. So it’s no longer possible for me to give you the shortcut links, but I will keep updating you with the monthly reminders since I’m asked about this frequently by readers! The links in this month’s Wellness email newsletter are valid until April 15th 2012 so make sure to print your coupon promptly. Coupons expire 20 days from the date you print your coupon.

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You can save up to 10% off on Wellness dog foods without using coupons at Petco. Wellness dog food products are available in most major pet food chains as well as local pet food chains and specialty pet food stores – you can also purchase them from online pet food retailers. Wellness generally doesn’t offer coupons on the company website but you can sign up for the company newsletter using your email address to receive tips and special offers. You may also be able to find Wellness dog food coupons from individual retailers.

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has two Wellness® store coupons that expire TOMORROW (12/31) that can be combined with printable coupon to snag an amazing deal on some dog and/or cat food for card holders!

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Easy Peesy!!! These days saving a few bucks does not mean you have to skimp on your pooches meals and treats. Just make sure when you get a discount coupon or a loyalty card to do a little fact checking. When selecting wellness core dog food there are key ingredients to look for to prolong your dogs health and wellness.Online Wellness dog food coupons can help you save money on a dog food formulated with antioxidants, pre and probiotics, and omega fatty acids. They believe in only using ingredients that provide a natural balanced food, with no wheat, soy, corn, or artificial colors and flavors. This combination of ingredients ensures that your dog gets the natural nutrition she needs to live a long and healthy life.Be a nosey barker…ask about the foods your store is stocking and also ask if they have a coupon program. There are holistic wellness dog food coupons available for puppies, small dogs, big dogs, old dogs, you get the idea.Like most pet food companies with long histories, you can expect to pay a little bit more for Wellness dog food. However, printable Wellness coupons can give your pet more balanced nutrition for the price. As they say, a penny saved is a penny earned.