What is the strongest dog in the world

I did a quick search and found several resources that attempt to address the question of the strongest dog as the original post wanted to know. Not about bite but about physical strength. So here is what I found on

hi im new and was wondering what is the naturally strongest dog breed in terms of pulling weight, carrying weight, etc

When we’re looking at a dog, we are admiring the complex sum of bones, muscles, joints, ligaments, tendons and skin. The dog’s bones and muscles are what give the dog’s body support and its distinctive framework. Just like us, a dog’s bones are made of calcium and minerals so to make them strong, allow locomotion and protect the otherwise vulnerable vital organs they enclose. Among the several bones that dogs have, there is one bone is particular that is considered to be the strongest of all. Today’s trivia question is therefore:

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Jul 5, 2016 - Strongest bone in a dog's body: the dog's bones and muscles are what give the dog's body support and its distinctive framework. Read more. From Pit Bull Terriers to St. Bernards, today on ApexTV we look at the top 10 strongest dogs in the world. If you want a strong and reliable guard dog, these incredibly strong dogs may be some of your best options. Remember, dogs turn out the way they are raised. A dog raised badly will be bad, and a dog raised correctly will turn out good. No dogs are inherently bad dogs, they are what we make them.

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There are many dogs that are living with us. Dogs are great pets and one of the most common pets in the world. They are great companions. They are intelligent and strong. Not just for normal people but also for disabled people. On another extreme,regardless of whether they are small or big, there are dogs that can make you to cry for help by just looking at you. If you have even been threatened by bitten by a dog, you could understand what I am talking about. Our science has measure for everything. When it comes to explain dogs bite force,we use the measure called PSI. As you guess, the dog which has the highest PSI is the dog with the strongest bite. In this list we have ranked 10 dogs by their PSI. Continue to read on.

The strongest dog on the planet is a kangal you idiot

Strength is a somewhat vague concept and its meaning can change slightly over time. In 1963, a Siberian husky named Charlie was considered to be the strongest dog alive, pulling a 3,142-pound sledge. However, that accolade doesn't account for the fact that a larger, more muscular dog may also be able to pull the same weight or more, if given the opportunity. Only dogs that would regularly be called on to pull sledges, such as huskies and other large spitz breeds, would be measured for their pulling strength. Still, the husky would most likely win the award for the dog with the most endurance and stamina, an area in which bulkier and heavier dogs would struggle to compete. In terms of explosive speed over a short distance, the greyhound has other domestic breeds licked, with his lean physique and long legs, he can reach speeds of up to 37 miles per hour.Despite their size, the breed is not that demanding when it comes to care. The ideal care involves light exercises as provided by regular walks with the standard minimal effort for grooming. Generally the mastiff pet would fall in the category of dogs that have low exercise demands. Their gigantic size and power are what makes them score so highly in the list of the top 10 strongest dogs.