Like people, pets need vaccines

There are handy, fairly standardized puppy vaccination schedules, but what shots are necessary for a dog and when they are administered is, finally, less significant than making sure a dog gets the ones that are best suited to her. In your dog’s first visit to the veterinarian, discussing your pet’s home environment and likely outdoor activities can help establish which vaccines the dog needs. Among the topics we’ll investigate here:

And pet vaccinations, like those for humans, may sometimes require a booster to keep them effective

If you do need to work with a conventional vet who is recommending annual boosters for adult dogs, and/or a full regimen of shots for puppies, you need to learn more about vaccinations so you can speak up clearly and tell the vet what you want and don't want.

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Why Do Dogs Need Shots? - Atlanta Humane Society Dogs are like a family to us. So it is our responsibility to give them the maximum love and protection they deserve. You and your pet should visit the vet’s office at least once a year so your dog can receive a thorough physical examination and based on that, the vet can suggest what shots do dogs need.

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Just as humans seek vaccines to prevent and/or minimize the severity of illnesses or disease, dogs need shots too. Only instead of seeking vaccines to prevent things like measles, dogs require vaccines to prevent the onset of the likes of rabies, distemper, parvovirus and more. However, the frequency at which dogs need these vaccines is largely dependent on their age, the record keeping of the owner and the owner’s vet practice and the professional opinion of the veterinarian as it pertains to what non-core vaccines are necessary for the particular animal. As an example, puppies need more vaccines than adult dogs do as their immune systems are in development to stave off potentially dangerous illnesses. This post will take a closer look at dog vaccines and answer the question, what shots do dogs need yearly?

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