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Welcome to the Feed and Go Feeder, the device that lets you feed and watch your dogs and cats from anywhere! Feed and Go is unlike any other pet feeder. With a voice recording system to record your own personal message for feeding time, a built in webcam so you can see your pet while you’re away from home, Wi-Fi connectivity for placement anywhere in the home, 6 eight oz cup sized food trays for dry and wet food, an easy cleaning removable feeding tray, sleek eye friendly modern design, and the ability to control any number of Feed and Go feeders from one login on any computer, tablet or smartphone, you won’t need anything else. The dimensions of a Feed and Go are 52L x 41W x 7H (centimetres).

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Hoison Automatic Feeder Review Hoison automatic feeder for cats and dogs allows you to intelligently monitor and control your pet’s feeding schedule. The automatic feeder can connect to Wi-Fi and be controlled via an app available on iOS and Android devices. The app allows your feeder to be controlled from anywhere in the world, giving […]

I'm sure it will work and you don't have to buy a wifi dongle.

Automatic WiFi Pet Feeder, Smart cat feeder, Automatic dog feeder – PeTreaT LLC This machine is really smart that it can dispense many doggy items like dry/wet food, medication, and treat that your doggy will love. it’s best to keep wet food no than 24-hours, it’s size is 18X16X3-inches overall dimensions. To monitor your pet, it has a built-in WIFI that connects to the network, and it sends real-time images via camera to any smartphone OS or Windows Microsoft. A preset of single feed or regular feed for unlimited feeding, as long as there’s food in the compartment! Each of the six containers will hold up to 8 oz. Of food, whether be it wet or dry food. But, wet food must be minimized because of spoilage after 24-hours!

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Hoison SmartFeeder Wi-Fi Programmable Dogs & Cats Feeder With LCD Light Dispenser, Electronic Timer Programmable, Compatible with Android and iOS is what you get if cross an auto pet feeder with R2D2! Is the remotely controlled electronic pet feeder that allows concerned pet owners to make sure that pets get fed on time and every time we’re out of the house.

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Dog Automatic Feeders - GemPet Petwant Wifi SmartFeeder Automatic Pet Feeder Controlled by IphoneAndriod smart devices ** To view further for this item, visit the image link. (This is an Amazon affiliate link)Another great WiFi dog or cat feeder which integrates well with the Petnet feeder is the . Of course the Petzi doesn’t do full feedings like the Petnet, but you’re able to see your pet, take a picture , speak and send him or her a treat right from your iPhone, android phone or tablet.Voyce is an activity tracker that’s closely focused on your dog’s health. In addition to monitoring activity levels, sensors in the collar measure heart rate and breathing patterns. The data syncs over WiFi and can be accessed through mobile or web apps. With a number of vets and pet wellness experts acting as advisors, the company behind Voyce plans to offer customers detailed analysis of their dogs’ health, support for training, and other premium content -- for a monthly or annual fee, of course. The waterproof collar will come in sizes to fit necks between 12 and 32 inches. features 6 full size cup compartments for food that can be delivered whenever you schedule it. With a Wi-Fi router and Internet connection you can connect the feeder and start scheduling your dog’s feeding times.