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One of the primary benefits of owning a dog crate is that it makes transport much easier. Plastic designs typically weigh less, so you’ll have an easier time lugging it around. You need to pay particular attention to weight when buying a wire mesh dog crate since larger ones can be quite heavy.

Large Wire Dog Crate w Detachable Mesh Roof Pet Puppy Secure Safe Kennel Blue

Although the IRIS Wire Dog Crate provides lots of space for your pooch, it isn’t a good option for leaving your pet unattended, as the mesh roof allows for easy escape when it comes to determined Houdini dogs.

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Here’s our pick of some of the highest quality wire mesh dog crates in the market. The IRIS Large Wire Dog Crate with Mesh Roof is a perfect crate for small-to-medium sized pets and other family pets! The Large Wire Crate provides 9.5 square feet of floor area for pets and the distance between wire bars is 1.5''. The Large Dog Crate fits with Regular IRIS Neat n' Dry Pet Training Pads, ASIN: B00176B85M and the IRIS Puppy and Dog Training P

Top Paw® Double Door Wire Dog Crate

Wood and Wire Mesh Dog Crate End Table. Hardwood oak or maple construction with 1 inch x 2 inch vinyl-coated wire. Front and Side Entry Door styles.

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These homes fold up “suitcase style” for easy transport and storage. All panels are connected and set up within seconds! They are preferred by those who take their dogs with them when travelling. Fold and carry crates are wire mesh construction. No tools are required to assemble these crates. They are perfect for the dog owner who wants a dog crate that is portable, but also very tough.The Midwest Ultima Pro Dog Crate has a host of features that make it suitable for the discerning dog owner. It is a double door, folding dog crate made from our heaviest wire gauge and closest wire mesh spacing. This creates a crate of unbeatable strength for those that need something a little tougher to keep Fido contained!iCrates are folding dog crates made from an electro-coated wire mesh. They are the lightest weight and least expensive of the Midwest wire crates. They are great if you need the security of a wire crate, but want to keep the weight as light as possible for traveling.Experience the true definition of "real" indestructible heavy duty steel dog crates when you own one of our escape proof welded steel wire mesh crates. A 3 year manufacturer's warranty on all these steel crates is a statement that says "this crate is strong enough to hold any dog you are strong enough to put into it." The crates use 6 gauge welded steel wire mesh to create the strongest dog crate we know of. Protect your separation anxiety dog while you're away from home. When you see your new indestructible steel dog crate you will know 2 things: first that your dog will be in his or her crate when you return home and second: that this will be the last crate you will ever need to buy. It is absolutely that strong. Note: Â 3 year warranty applies to welded steel wire dog crates only.Â