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PetSafe PIF00-12917 Stay and Play Wireless Fence also works with smaller dogs that are around five pounds. Customers with, as one put it, “oddly shaped yards,” were delighted that these best invisible dog fences worked with their ground plan and weren't that inconvenient for them. The pet fence is also simple to set up and use and works with multiple dogs.

Let your small dog feel the total freedom, but Small dogs are tender and sensitive. So We recommend you to purchase best wireless dog fence for small dogs..

Hi Natalie…we had the inground petsafe fence and it worked great. We just moved…but have a very small lot. We have 3 dogs and are currently leashing. Even tho we brought the transmitter with us, the lot is too small. So we are looking at the wireless unit….Am I still able to use the same collars? Thanks for your help :)

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For smaller dogs, the PetSafe Stay+Play has the smallest wireless dog fence collar, and can be used with dogs as small as 12 lbs It’s little smaller than the previous version, that makes it more compact in design and easy for carrying but with the same power that it’s elder brothers have. As a result, it creates it a place in this best wireless dog fence reviews.

My neighbor is torturing their 2 small dogs with your devise

Part of the problem is that wireless is often promoted as a one-touch solution, which is an attractive if not misleading pitch. Push a button and you never need to worry about the dog escaping issue. But, for most people wired is a much better solution. Wired means 1 day of work, but will work 99% of the time and get you a better result. Wireless is batting under 50% and is at best a compromise. Still the promise of the one-touch solutions is seductive.
Let me temper all that bleakness about wireless a bit. Wireless definitely has it’s place. There are two situations where wireless makes a lot of sense. First, being highly portable they work great to keep the dogs nearby at a camp site, RV, trailer or small cabin. With fewer and thinner walls it is easy for wireless systems to get through. Second, if you think you absolutely can’t do boundary wire then it is worth a try. If it doesn’t work, you can always swap it for a wired unit (we are pretty cool about returns).
Subject to all the above limitations, if you are going to go wireless, the Petsafe Wireless is the better choice. The PetSafe PIF-300 is a little better than it’s competitor the Wifi Fence. The PetSafe has a significantly smaller range, but build quality is much better and it is a little more tolerant of obstacles. The PetSafe is also about $100 cheaper.
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We recommend you to purchase for small dogs. Just keep in mind that we are not going to cover only wireless dog fence but also best underground dog fence for small dogs. Best invisible fence for small dogs is reviewed here for your convenience.While choosing best wireless dog fence for small dogs or best underground dog fence for small dogs, one should be very careful before purchasing. Safety, durability and many other factors are responsible for the better performance of best invisible fence for small dogs.