Do not worm a puppy less than 6 weeks of age

- Vetscription® Worm Away® 7 Flavored Chewables are palatable if offered by hand. If your dog does not voluntarily eat the chewable, you can hide the chewable in a small amount of food or place it in the back of the dog’s mouth for forced swallowing.

Sergeants Vetscription Worm-Away for Dogs removes large roundworms in dogs.

Because of the risk of transmission to humans, it is recommended that dogs receive treatment and preventative for roundworm and that dog stools in yards, parks, playgrounds, and other outdoor areas are picked up and removed right away. It's best to keep children from playing on ground known to be contaminated with dog feces, and to be sure that children's hands are washed frequently if they're playing outdoors where dogs may have been.

Safety in pregnant and nursing dogs has not been tested.

Sergeant's Worm-Away for Dogs is used to treat threadworm (Enterobius), roundworm (Ascaris) and pinworm infections. Sergeant's Worm-Away for Dogs is an organic compound that consists of a six-membered ring containing two opposing nitrogen atoms. Sergeant's Worm-Away for Dogs exists as small alkaline deliquescent crystals with a saline taste. Sergeant's Worm-Away for Dogs was introduced to medicine as a solvent for uric acid. When taken into the body the drug is partly oxidized and partly eliminated unchanged. Outside the body, Sergeant's Worm-Away for Dogs has a remarkable power to dissolve uric acid and producing a soluble urate, but in clinical experience it has not proved equally successful. Sergeant's Worm-Away for Dogs was first introduced as an anthelmintic in 1953. A large number of Sergeant's Worm-Away for Dogs compounds have anthelmintic action. Their mode of action is generally by paralysing parasites, which allows the host body to easily remove or expel the invading organism.

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We rescued a female dog from our local animal shelter today. Got her home and we have decided that she has a tapeworm. We live a long way from any store except the dollar general. I went the ten miles to the dollar general and the only worm med. they had was Sergeant's vetscription worm away for dogs. It says it is meant to kill round worms. My question is. Will this med. take care of the tape worm as well. I went ahead and purchased the med. and gave a dose to the dog, but I would like to know if it is going to kill the tapeworm. thank you

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